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“I told a couple of people, ‘If I don’t get ahold of them by tomorrow morning, I’ll drive to their house.’”
-Paul Williams



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» Curb's Meacham Rises: Curb VP/Promotion RJ Meacham has been promoted SVP and will continue to oversee the label's promotion efforts. “RJ has done a phenomenal job as Vice President of Country Promotion and we are very excited that he has chosen to continue with our company," says Curb Chairman Mike Curb. Adds Meacham, "As our industry evolves, I’m excited to continue working alongside my amazing teammates at Curb to find new and innovative ways to raise the bar for our amazing roster and their music." Meacham joined Curb for the second time in 2016, rising to his most recent post two years later (Breaking News 4/11/18). Prior stops include Monument/Sony, Curb/Asylum, BNA and Columbia. Reach him here.
» Dynamic Duo: Here are select Nielsen Audio Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) ratings for December 2020 (three-month rolling average, 9/10-12/2) compared with stations' last books. Ranks (in parentheses) are among subscribers. Unless otherwise noted, all figures are Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6am-midnight.
Chattanooga, TN
  • WUSY 11.1 (1) to 11.1 (1) Entercom
  • WUUQ 5.2 (4) to 6.1 (3t) Daughters Classic Country (Largest share since Spring 2017.)
  • WOGT 1.6 (8t) to 1.6 (10t) Cumulus

    WOGT was all-Christmas music during the last month of the survey (CAT 11/05/20).
Huntsville, AL
  • WDRM 11.1 (1) to 10.0 (1) iHeartMedia
  • WWFF 2.2 (11) to 1.6 (12) Cumulus


» Book And See: Here are select Nielsen Audio diary ratings for Fall 2020 (3/27-6/17) for subscribing stations compared with stations' last books (Spring 2020). Ranks (in parentheses) are also among subscribers. Unless otherwise noted, all figures are Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6am-midnight.
Atlantic City, NJ
  • WPUR 6.7 (1) to 7.3 (1) Townsquare (Largest share since Spring 2014.)
Augusta, GA
  • WKXC 6.1 (4) to 6.5 (4) Beasley 
  • WLUB 3.9 (7) to 4.3 (6) iHeartMedia
Florence, AL
  • WXFL 9.7 (2) to 11.4 (2) Big River (Largest share since Spring 2018.)
Ft. Wayne, IN
  • WBTU 5.3 (2t) to 4.9 (5) Adams
      Federated's WQHK does not subscribe.
Lexington, KY
  • WBUL 8.9 (1) to 8.3 (1) iHeartMedia
  • WVLK 2.1 (15) to 2.7 (15) Cumulus
  • WLXO 2.3 (12t) to 1.8 (16) Clarity Classic Country

    WLXX re-branded and changed calls to WVLK in September (CAT 9/04/20).
Muncie, IN
  • WMDH 8.0 (2) to 8.4 (2) Cumulus
  • WBKQ 3.4 (5) to 2.8 (5t) Woof Boom
  • WFMS 1.7 (7t) to 1.1 (7t) Cumulus
Roanoke, VA
  • WSLC 9.3 (1) to 8.9 (2) Mel Wheeler
  • WYYD 5.6 (5) to 3.2 (9) iHeartMedia
Worcester, MA
  • WORC 0.7 (9) to 2.2 (5) Cumulus


» Trio Grande: Black River Entertainment Mgr./Marketing Nikki Abbamont, Coord./Licensing Ainsley Barry and Coord./Publicity Megan Hazeltine have been elevated to Assoc. Dir./Project Mgmt., Coord./Social Media and Coord./Marketing, respectively. “We are grateful for their willingness to adapt to the changing landscape by assuming these new roles within the team,” says EVP Rick Froio. Adds Pres./CEO Gordon Kerr, “By utilizing our people’s strengths in areas that will benefit most, this new configuration makes us stronger.” Abbamont, who has been with the company since 2017 and was named to her most recent post in 2019 (CAT 4/11/19), now reports directly to Froio. She will oversee organization, management and general progress and execution of ongoing BRE label releases and projects and can be reached here. Barry and Hazeltine joined in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and now report to VP/Marketing Tanya Schrage.